The River Park II residential development is emerging to dominate the city’s property market as one of the most desirable & sought after places to live in Baghpat today.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of River Yamuna, River Park II is being marked as Baghpat’s most exquisite residential developments due to its scenic location and an easy access to the most modern commercial mall, named City Centre. Maximizing resident’s needs of retail, restaurants and businesses at their doorstep, River Park II incorporates all the very best of modern urban design, providing a wide range of housing products to suit almost all buyers.


Highlight of River Park II is its most modern commercial centre named ‘City Centre’. On the lines of Connaught Place in New Delhi the commercial centre will provide excellent shops, restaurants, offices etc for residents as well as outsiders.  In addition to this, beautifully landscaped parks within the complex shall provide excellent leisure and recreation options. River Park II promises a truly enviable lifestyle in four plot sizes:

  • Chenab - plot size 300 sq. yds.
  • Tapti - plot size 200 sq. yds.
  • Meghna- plot size 150 sq. yds.
  • Kaveri – plot size 100 sq. yds.

Customer's Advantage

  • Govt Approved Project with no acquisition risk.
  • With Monsoon session in due course wherein tight rules are to be framed by the Central Govt. on real estate project, may create a nightmare for future prospective projects, with hike in rates etc. against our already approved project wherein land was purchased from farmers directly and then got approval for setting up a township.
  • Risk free investment of sure assurance either in cash or kind.
  • Minimum Investment Maximum Benefit
  • In the end of the 5th year, being a well developed township lying on the National Highway chances of rate to the tune of Rs.15,000/- to Rs.20000/- p sq. yds. is expected.
  • Today's rate of an unapproved colony at Baghpat is Rs.20,000/- Psqyds.
  • Our River Park-I well developed project is being sold @ Rs.15,000/- p sq. yds on this date

Locational Advantage @ the end of 5 years

  • National Highway complete.
  • Eastern pheripheral highway complete.
  • Signature Bridge complete.
  • Work on Oribital train would be underway.
  • Masterplanning complete with a complete development of the area in and around the highway.
  • Completion of Riverpark-II Project With Full Commercial Development.

When it comes to River Park II, location is of prime concern and at Mahavir Hanuman Group, we have made it our business to develop an “River Park II”, on one of the most attractive sites for Residential development.

  • Strategically located on the Delhi-Saharanpur highway.
  • 20 km from Delhi border
  • 4.5 km. from 6 lane Eastern Peripheral Express Highway
  • 12 km from Tronica City
  • 27 km from “Signature Bridge” (over River Yamuna)
  • 30 km from I.S.B.T
  • 34 km from Cp
  • 25 km from shahdara
  • 30 km from rajghat
Price List & E-Brochure

Down Payment Plan

Block Name  Size in sq yds Rate per sq.yds Total Cost Booking Amt.@ 20% Balance Amount paid within 60 days
CHENAB 300 12000 3600000 720000 2880000
TAPTI 200 12000 2400000 480000 1920000
MEGHNA 150 12000 1800000 360000 1440000
KAVERI 100 12000 1200000 240000 960000

Installment Plan

Block Name Size in Sq.Yds. Rate Total Amt. Booking Amt.@ 20% Balance Amt.  Six  Quaterly  Interest  Free Installment
CHENAB 300 12000 3600000 720000 2880000 480000 6 2880000
TAPTI 200 12000 2400000 480000 1920000 320000 6 1920000
MEGHNA 150 12000 1800000 360000 1440000 240000 6 1440000
KAVERI 100 12000 1200000 240000 960000 160000 6 960000

 Down Payment Plan- 5% Discount on Basic Sale Price.

 PLC will be applicable extra 7% per location. (For Example:- Park Facing, Main Road, Corner) both on down payment & installment plan.