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Only 18km from ISBT and 14km from the Delhi border, Tronica City and Baghpat in East Delhi Extension are seeing the advent of major realty players from the Delhi NCR. ABHIGYAN writes There is a buzz in the realty markets of Tronica City and Baghpat in East Delhi Extension with connectivity issues being addressed on a war footing. The four-laning of the Sonia Vihar Road, widening of the Delhi-Yamunotri highway, and the forthcoming Signature Bridge are all adding a luster to its real estate market. The city is conveniently approachable from the Alipur-Bund road along Yamuna on the western side and from the Delhi-Saharanpur Road on the east. India's first Signature Bridge being constructed across the Yamuna at Wazirabad promises to be a great attraction in Delhi. An ambitious project of the Delhi Tourism Corporation, the cablestayed bridge will link NH-1's existing T-point at Wazirabad on western bank and the marginal bund road at Khajuri Khas on the eastern bank of the river, thus connecting North Delhi with East Delhi and East Delhi Extension. This bridge would greatly facilitate the connectivity of Delhi to East Delhi Extension. Initiative of NCR development board The NCR development board has given East Delhi Extension priority over other areas for development and budgetary allocations. The Delhi government has also announced two bridges over Yamuna to ease the connectivity of this belt with North Delhi and central Delhi. Freehold Property Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation (UPSIDC) has recently agreed to frame a policy to grant a freehold status to all residential, industrial and commercial plots holders. This decision will benefit residents of Ghaziabad's Tronica City, which is being developed by the UPSIDC. Under the free-hold policy, allottees will be able to pay the respective development authorities a certain amount in order to convert the status of their housing plot from leasehold, where the authority is the owner of the land, to freehold where individual residents become owners. Land on freehold has for long been a major demand in Tronica City. The Mayawati government had accepted the demand of industrialists and developers, but the modalities were not finalized and the issue lingered on till now. The current SP government has now directed the UPSIDC to finalizing the modalities and procedures for making land freehold. Sources say that the UPSIDC is proposing to convert leasehold to freehold by charging 25-30% conversion fee on the current market price of the land. More than 5,500 allottees in Tronica City are likely to benefit after the implementation of the freehold policy. Sanjiv Choudhary, the managing director of Swarnim Group, says: "A freehold property is enjoyed by the purchaser forever and his heirs can continue to do so. They can sell, mortgage and deal with it in any manner they choose. There is no expiry period for such properties. Various state agencies like UP Awas Vikas Parishad and other development authorities, including the one in Ghaziabad, have introduced the freehold system long ago." Once the freehold policy is implemented, it will ease the process of sale and purchase. The buyers and sellers will not need to obtain transfer of memorandum certificate nor will they have to seek mortgage permission from the authority while taking bank loans. Options available Of a total of 3,600 acres in Tronica City (Loni), 2,400 acres have already been allotted. The UPSIDC is planning to allot another 1,200 acres in the next phase. Tronica City has a total of 20 sectors (12 residential and 8 industrial). Realty players like Ansal Housing, RMS Group, Swarnim Group, MSX, Care Group, etc, are building group-housing projects here. The Ansal Housing's East End, a township project on 88 acres, has already come up. RMS Group's Signature Residency, RMS Swarnim Plaza, Swarnim Group's City Centre Mall and Care Group's Alien Court are soon to be completed. Ansal's East End Tronica City offers world-class roads, amenities and living conditions. With many industries moving into the suburbs, this place may pretty well turn into a hub of commercial activities on the Delhi-Baghpat Road. "We have seen a growth in demand in the last couple of months. People are looking for safer investments in locations that are close to Delhi. East Delhi Extension fits on both the parameters. The area is not only a safe investment destination but affordable as well," Sanjiv Chaudhary of Swarnim Group says. RMS Group, too, has launched residential and commercial projects here, like RMS Swarnim Plaza Tronica City, Signature Residency Tronica City, Signature Residency II, RMS 3, City Centre, etc. NBCC on Delhi-Baghpat Road The NBCC (National Building Construction Company) has joined hands with a private developer, Mahavir Hanuman Group, to deliver 10,000 flats in this area. The joint venture has launched a project, NBCC Town, for this purpose. The first phase of this project is expected to be handed over for possession by December 2012. The other phases would be constructed and handed over in the subsequent years. Mahesh Pawar, the chairman and managing director of Mahavir Hanuman Group, says: "We have recently launched a project River Park over 120 acres. The township has been subdivided into River Park I and River Park II. River Park redefines lifestyle in East Delhi Extension. Set amidst natural surroundings, with the Yamuna running in its backyard, River Park offers great scenic beauty to its residents. A major industrial group is also looking for a nano -housing option in this area." UP Awas Vikas Parishad UP Awas Vikas Parishad has a project, Griha Sthana Yojna, in this area, which has completely been booked. Looking at the success of this project, Awas Vikas is now planning to launch another scheme in the same acquired area. Under Delhi-Saharanpur Marg Bhumi Vikas and Grihasthana Yojna, the development authority has received 5,100 applications for nearly 4,460 built-up houses. The built-up houses will be allotted through a lucky draw. There will be two types of flats in this scheme, Asara Type 1 & 2 and Sapna Type 1 & 2. Asara type1 will have a total of 1,984 flats, each with 33.59 sq metre super area, while Type 2 will have a total of 844 flats of 47.73 sq metre super area. Sapna Type 1 will have a total of 608 flats of 64.27 sq metre super area while Type 2 will have 1,024 flats of 85.74 sq metre super area. The price of these categories ranges from Rs 5.80 lakh to Rs 21.41 lakh. Signature Bridge The proposed Signature Bridge will have a bow-shaped pylon in the middle; it will be 575 metres long 175 metres high. Two high towers will provide double-cable support in the inner periphery of the carriageway. Plans are also afoot to construct a pedestrian subway. Equipped with four lanes, this engineering masterpiece will have 1.2metre-wide central verge, space for anchoring cables, maintenance walkway and crash barriers on either side of the central verge. The deck will be composite (steel and concrete) while the pylons will be of steel. Mahesh Pawar of Mahavir Hanuman Group says that once the Signature Bridge becomes operational, it would dramatically improve access between North and West Delhi and towards East Delhi Extension for commuters, who have to pass through the narrow lane on the present bridge in Wazirabad, leading to heavy traffic jams during peak hours. Also, to improve the movement of vehicular traffic, new express lanes would be constructed to connect the bridge with the Ring Road. QUICK BITES THE SIGNATURE BRIDGE OF THE DELHI TOURISM CORPORATION IS A CABLE-STAYED BRIDGE THAT WILL LINK NH-1’S EXISTING T-POINT AT WAZIRABAD ON WESTERN BANK AND THE MARGINAL BUND ROAD AT KHAJURI KHAS ON THE EASTERN BANK OF THE RIVER, CONNECTING NORTH DELHI WITH EAST DELHI AND EAST DELHI EXTENSION THE NCR DEVELOPMENT BOARD HAS GIVEN EAST DELHI EXTENSION PRIORITY OVER OTHER AREAS FOR DEVELOPMENT AND BUDGETARY ALLOCATIONS